Who We Are

We LOVE words. Simply put, The Scrutineer was born from a love of linguistics and a desire to help people. Providing high-quality writing, editing and proofreading services, we ensure that ideas are clearly and effectively communicated. Our Scrutineers channel their passion for reading and writing and leverage their expertise to transform our client’s content and bring it to life. We not only strive to be the best at scrutineering but to consistently offer a timely and cost-effective product.

The Scrutineer is the only centralised content house in Jamaica with the sole purpose of creating and reviewing content. Our team of editors are trained, experienced professionals who specialise in different facets of the writing industry. The mixed skill set of our team maintains the capability to handle any type of content and guarantees the efficient delivery of error-free content. Our professional writing and editing services are technology-enabled and customised to assist clients who have great ideas but might not have the skills and/or time to produce or polish quality writing. We lend our expertise to people who need a professional to translate their ideas and thoughts with clarity and brevity.

Mission Statement

To leverage our team of experts to offer professional writing and editing services that create, refine and communicate ideas of which individuals and businesses can be proud.

Nadia McKenzie

Master Editor & Founder

A professionally trained proofreader & copy editor, Nadia has helped many writers bring their story to life. From a young age, she was obsessed with the English Language; partly due to being raised by educators. An avid reader and writer, she is always seeking ways to use her command of the language and is passionate not only about good stories but more importantly, how stories are told. Over the years she has gained an in-depth understanding of an array of formats, voices, audiences, and mediums. She believes that great editing goes beyond grammar and syntax and involves a genuine investment in her client’s business or personal brand. It was out of this passion that The Scrutineer was born.