Whether you’re an English Literature major or on the verge of submitting your dissertation or research paper, we want to help you submit writing of the highest quality. We are versed in the application of both APA or MLA formats and can proofread your essays, term papers, dissertations, citations, annotated bibliographies, theses or any other document. Once you write it, our team can edit it. While we’re happy to review your work to get that A, we do not undertake writing entire papers or doing independent research for academic work. Our aim is to proofread and provide reviews of academic documents to ensure your assignments are clear, concise and consistent. We take deadlines seriously. With that said, the more time you allow your work to be scrutinized, the more thoroughly your work can be reviewed.


Business writing today does a lot of heavy lifting. It needs to be clear, compelling and be able to capture your brand. Many of your partners and clients, and much of your prospective business, will know you primarily through your content. What do you want your content to say about you?


Worried about a cover letter? Writing a blog? Want a review of your website content? Call us! We’ll tackle your digital media, LinkedIn profiles, blog posts or personal documents.

Professional Book Editing Services

We love manuscript reviews! We accept proofs that require editing for novels, screenplays or other long-form pieces.

Our book editing services get your manuscript publication-ready by:

  • Fact checking
  • Proofreading for grammar and typographical errors
  • Editing for flow and clarity of thought
  • Creation and/or verification of T.O.C and index
  • Comparison

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