Proofreading requires going beyond spellcheck to catch errors a computer might miss. It involves reviewing a piece of writing to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting.

Proofreading Services Take Time.

When proofreading, the time given to your work is as valuable as the skill of your edits. We treat all our customers’ work with care, giving each the time for a thorough first, second and sometimes third review. We’ll give you an estimate of how long your job will take when you send it to us; we know how to get your work back to you as quickly as possible, without rushing through the job.

Copy Editing

A good copy editor does more than check for grammar, but makes your words clean and comprehensible, but also compelling. We check for clarity of your thought, flow of your ideas and consistency of voice. We edit with both you and your audience in mind, adapting your tone to their needs while adhering to any relevant proofreading and editorial style guides – We edit with both you and your audience in mind, adapting your tone to their needs while adhering to any relevant proofreading and editorial style guides.


Specialised knowledge is used to clarify and improve text. Sentences will be rewritten and paragraphs restructured to make the text clearer and more understandable.


Blogs are a great way of communicating to readers in an informal or conversational style. If you have an idea but need a scrutineer to write or edit your blog, drop us a line!


Copywriters produce text specifically tailored for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.

Writing Services

All we need is your vision and we can put pen to paper!

Overview of Services

  • General document editing and proofreading
  • Market research documentation/reports
  • Manuscripts
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts
  • Resume and CV reviews
  • Interview coaching
  • Ghost-writing
  • Legal documents* (proofread)
  • Annual reports
  • Transcriptions
  • Citations and references
  • School assignments, midterms, finals (proofread and editing only)
  • Corporate documents
  • Advertising materials (flyers, newsletters, brochures, billboards, inserts)
  • Articles & speech writing
  • Online website content: testing, proofreading and comparison
  • Graphics and tables
  • Social media content

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